Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Adventures

We decided to take a family road trip today. We went to breakfast at Waffle House with a map of Arkansas to decide which direction we were headed in. We ended up going to one of our favorite spots for a hike, Lake Sylvia, and then explored some around the area. We wanted to hike and maybe take the dogs for a swim, so first up was trying on Rex's new life jacket!! Remember how he almost drowned last year?!? This creek was perfect for them. They got to take a swim (without water over Rex's head!!) and get water both before and after our hike.

We did two different trails at Lake Sylvia. One was super short, so we headed over to this one. I LOVE this trail!! It's so pretty!! You start off walking along side the lake all the way to the dam.
After this point, it gets a little rocky and uphill and I fall waaayy back because I am out of shape. And every time, I think for about 10 minutes, "Why did I want to do this again?" ha! But then, you reach the top and look out and see how beautiful Arkansas is!
And, then starts the downhill climb. (Don't let the picture above fool you. I was HOT, covered in sweat and really just wanted to sit down and catch my breath at this point!)

Notice I am always in the very back taking pictures. The pups slow down every now and then to make sure I'm still there! ha!

Once we made it back down, the pups were able to get back in the creek and cool off. They were worn out! I honestly don't think that Rex's near drowning experience made him scared of water. He just jumped right in.
On the way back from Lake Sylvia, we stopped at a little gas station for deli sandwiches and went up the highway to Lake ??? (going to ask Kevin for the name) and had a picnic lunch. It was a nice quiet place for a picnic. There was even a spot for us to let Rex off lead and practice making him come back to us. He did good too! But we decided the winning spot of the day went to these folks:
They had their three dogs and a raft and were just floating and the dogs were swimming. It was awesome! Let's just say one day during the week this summer, we are claiming this spot as ours!! :)

I love days like today when we all pile in the car and see where the day takes us! Awesomeness!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

My thoughts on the matter

In the recent news in our area, a popular radio host was arrested for DWI and leaving the scene and other charges. Back in the fall, he collapsed on-air and then came out and did an interview in which he was very candid about his alcoholism and the fact that he was trying to clean up his act. My heart breaks for him and his wife and what they are going through. I can't imagine going through all that in the public eye and being on the news and in the papers. It is hard enough when you go through it privately with family and friends. It brings up a lot of memories for me that aren't good ones. We are going on 3 years since Kevin's DWI that sent him to rock bottom. It is sad to me that alcoholics have to keep going on that downward spiral until they have lost everything and everyone before they look up. Even with all my years of experience now in dealing with alcoholism, I don't think I will ever be able to wrap my head around it. Sometimes you just want to shake them!!
About a month ago, we tried to help out one of Kevin's friends by letting him stay here for the weekends and work for us. He is a good guy that we grew up with and is a graduate of John 3:16 Ministries too. He had been struggling since he got out and didn't have a job yet. Well, he showed up at our house drunk. And, I honestly don't know HOW he made it here without killing someone. He doesn't remember getting here. Said he just listened to his GPS and did what it said. It was a mess. We gave him another chance and we both had heart-to-heart talks with him at different times while he was here. The thing about alcoholics is they KNOW. They KNOW what you are telling them is the right thing, but they can't follow through. Either that, or they just tell you what you want to hear and then turn around and do what they want anyway. I don't know. Like I said, I'll never fully understand this disease. Our help did zero good. He was arrested the next morning driving back home for his third DWI.
I CANNOT STAND the drinking and driving!!! Be mad at them for that FOR SURE! If you want to hurt yourself, fine. But, don't drag innocent lives into it. I will never take up for drinking and driving. But, I will ask you not to judge the alcoholic. They are people just like me and you. They make mistakes. We all do. No one is perfect. I wish I could tell you that life has been perfect in the two years since Kevin has been home from the Ministry, but it hasn't. Kevin has slipped up and made the wrong choice. We aren't perfect and certainly never claim to be. I can tell you this - every time he has taken the wrong path, there has been tremendous stress in our lives and he turned to the bottle instead of his Bible. I just wish everyone could see WHO to lean on in tough times and WHERE the answers are. It isn't easy being an alcoholic. It isn't easy being an alcoholic's wife. I am praying for the radio host and his wife. I can relate to what they are feeling right now. I am praying for John and Kevin and all the graduates of John 3:16 Ministries. No matter what anyone tells you, it is a daily choice and a daily struggle for the alcoholic. And if they get up and decide to follow God's word, well, they decided that day to make the right choice and not fight the battle alone. Don't judge them until you've walked in their shoes. Just pray for them.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


If I had a little money, I would...

  • enlarge our pantry

  • put a french drain in the front yard

  • build a patio in the backyard with a fire pit

  • tile the bathroom floors

  • replace the carpet in the bedrooms

  • put some updates in the kitchen for Big Bear

If I had a lot of money, I would...

  • buy Big Bear that building he is eyeing to have a storefront

But, I don't have a little or a lot, so, I guess I will be painting or rearranging the furniture! ha!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer

*book 2 of 2011

In all honesty, this is a good book but it's effect got a little "lost" with me because of scheduling conflicts with my Bible Study group and sporadic reading due to that. I got the most from it in the times when I just sat down and went ahead and read ahead and soaked it all in. The gist of what I gained from it is knowing that in times like RIGHT NOW when there is a lot going on - the devil uses those times to work on us and get us down. When we get into ourselves and "pity parties", the devil wins because we aren't living for God. We aren't letting his love and light shine through us. Keeping negative thoughts in our mind will breed negative attitudes. When worry and stress kick in, stop and pray. Sometimes, easier said than done! Here is a little excerpt I found on the internet if you are interested in reading:

There is a war going on and your mind is the battlefield.

God desires the best for your life and Satan knows it. Satan wants to defeat God’s people with a deliberate and cleverly devised plan of deceit and lies. His attack of doubting thoughts, fear and paranoia can erode your resistance, because he is willing to invest any amount of time it takes to defeat us.

God’s people will win! They can use His Word to defeat the treachery and lies of Satan. In Battlefield of the Mind, author Joyce Meyer uncovers the tactics of the enemy and gives you a clear-cut plan to triumph in the fight for your mind. Joyce will teach you how to renew your mind through the Word and stand victoriously in the battlefield of the mind.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A day wrapped up in boxer wiggles!

After church, I met Suzi with BoxAR Rescue and picked up this little girl named Jandy. My most awesome Mom agreed to foster her. She was one day away from being put to sleep. THANKS MOM! :) She's a cutie and a little one too with an application already! Life will be good for this little girl, I just know it!

As a bonus, I got see Mom and Autumn's new horse, Dixie. She is beautiful and up close has brown freckles. Love her name!!

Doc has a buddy now! :)And, I got see my boy, Duke. Remember the two pups (brown one and a white one) that Kevin and I had overnight and then my Mom fostered and kept one? Look at him now!!!!

I loved playing with him and Carly this afternoon! Fun, fun, fun! Boxer pups ROCK! I think even my dad is smitten with these two! heehee!When Duke grows into those feet, he is going to be huge!!

Thanks for sharing your day with me Mom! Love ya!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Consider it DONE!

Tahoe oil changed and tire patched - check
Papers all graded - check
Car charger for cell phone purchased - check
New Yellow Box flipflops - check
Graduation card for Tanner - check
Replace skirt that Kevin sprayed with bleach - check
(Note to self - hide bleach when clothes are drying in the laundry room!)
Backyard mowed - check
Backyard weedeated - check
Nap - check
Tadpoles caught for school - check
Crape mertles trimmed up - check
New Bible Study purchased - check
Dinner on the town with Big Bear - check
Ahhhhh....being caught up is great! If only it lasted longer! ha!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Encouraging News

**Warning: This post may qualify as TMI, unless you are keeping up with our baby journey!**
Kevin's doctor appointment went pretty well today. The doctor said he was "cautiously optimistic" that we would get pregnant! The ultrasound didn't show anything of great concern and counts are WAY up! I don't know the fancy name for it, but basically some bacteria may be killing some of the sperm. So, Kevin is taking an antibiotic for a month and then we do another re-check (which thrills Kevin to no end!). Turns out that cutting down on smoking and losing 15 lbs. makes a difference! :) Now, keep those prayers coming and we will have a Baby Benson before we know it!

Friday, May 13, 2011


Blogger has been, I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth or gone crazy and given up facebook AND blogging! LOL!
Just to give a quick update...I'm out of the pit. My glass is half full takes so much less energy to be half full instead of half empty!! Ha! I mean, you can't keep me down for long. I'm a fighter! :) Thanks for the prayers!!!
One more prayer request for the weekend - Kevin's follow-up doctor appointment with the urologist is Monday. They now have three "samples", so we should get some answers on Monday about what the issues might be and where to go from here. Any prayers on this would be SO appreciated!! I'll keep you posted!

And on a funny note....I had a lunch date with two students today. Our school does a silent auction at the school carnival to raise money for the PTA and some of the teachers auction off a lunch date. Anyway, the winner of lunch with me picked a friend to go with her and we went to Backyard Burgers today. On the way there and on the way back one of the girls said, "It's just crazy to be in a teacher's car!!" She was just beside herself! ha! Crazy!

Have an awesome weekend! I'll be slinging burgers with Big Bear!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

5 more things today...

(Yep, still fighting this funk, so we are keeping on with the daily 5 until it passes! When you see a different type of post, we can all breathe a sigh of relief!)
Today I am grateful for:
1) cousins :)
2) the cutest little neighbor kid waving and smiling at me as I pull in my driveway!
3) mexican food
4) watching my students get excited about an activity
5) the Dollar Tree (gotta love the dollar store!)

Monday, May 9, 2011

5 things today...

Today I am grateful for:
1) A husband that doesn't kill my dog that got into his garden and broke two tomato plants! ;)
2) A job that I love!
3) An honest mechanic in our Sunday school class that we can take all our vehicle troubles to!
4) Wrestling puppies
5) Nala purrs!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

In a funk

That's the best descriptor of my day. I have been a worthless blob of depression today. I have come to hate mother's day (sorry mom!). I have to gear myself up for it. Granted, at least this year I didn't half run out of church bawling like last year. Last year was horrible. I walked in to being the only woman in my Sunday School class because everyone else was at a Mother's day breakfast. Not good! I doubt anyone reading this that has kids can even begin to comprehend the feelings that today would bring for someone that is struggling to have a child. There is just no way to even describe the feelings that come up out of nowhere. Today is a day that is like a slap in the face that I may truly never be a mom. Let's be realistic. We can't afford all the medical bills that go with infertility and no agency is going to pass us to adopt - not that we could afford that either. Yes, I am Debbie Downer today. And, I get that right to be Debbie Downer every now and then. Today has been a crappy day all around. I just can't help but wonder why God doesn't want me to be a mom. Why? What does He have in store for me? Is there something else I am supposed to do? I just don't get it.
I read somewhere when you are down in the dumps, you need to stop and praise God for at least 5 things. 5 things a day until you start looking up again. So, here is my 5 for today.
I am grateful for MY mom. I am grateful she passed on her love of animals to me. I am grateful she has become a friend as well as my mom. I am grateful she and Kevin have a good relationship. I am grateful she is always just a phone call away. Love you Mom! *Sidenote - please understand that this post is for me and help me journal my feelings and get things out. Even though you may mean well, please don't send any encouraging emails about what I need to do or don't need to do or feel regarding being a mom or getting pregnant. I can't handle it right now. If you want to help, just pray for us. That's all we need. Thanks for understanding!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I did it!!

So, I haven't read a book yet this year, but I've read all the books of the Bible in the New Testament!!!! Yeeeeee!!! I have finally read the Bible for myself instead of listening to others tell me what it says. Now, I know for myself! Priceless!! I finished the New Testament last night and now plan on taking a little break to do a Beth Moore study. Then, it's on to the Old Testament! It's really cool to read and find yourself having ah-ha moments like "that's where that song comes from" or "that's where he got that story from". Awesomeness!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Teacher of the Year Banquet

Last night was the Teacher of the Year Banquet, and I have to say that it was truly an honor to represent my school. To even be nominated from my school that is full of such high quality teachers is an honor in itself. To be nominated. Then, to actually be chosen to represent our honor. A humbling honor.
I do love my job. I love the day to day challenges. I love that each day is different. I love making progress with a child. I love that after a bad day, I can go back in and try something else. I love seeing my kids enjoy learning. And, this year, I have loved working for a boss that I can respect!
Now, I love the fact that my husband thinks I should have gone on to win the District Teacher of the Year and the State Teacher of the Year and the Universe Teacher of Year (ha), but I certainly don't feel deserving of all that! LOL! I just love that Williams Magnet thought that much of me!(The lighting was yucky for the rest of the pics...going to have to get someone else's! But here they are anyway!)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Concessions are in the air!

It's concession time here!! We were official for the first time ever! No borrowed trailer...our trailer was not only ours but finally labeled with our logo AND with our menu printed on the board above the window (next weekend I'll get a pic!). Plus, we got new T-shirts printed!! Thanks to Stress Free Graphics - Mic is awesome if you need any graphics work. We love her! My awesome sis-in-law worked the window yesterday so I could try out another job and I loved every minute of it! I got to enjoy the day and not stress...assembling burgers and slinging fries! We were pretty efficient yesterday with a good assembly line set up. Kudo's to Big Bear and all our helpers!!
This week is going to busy and interesting...stay tuned. :) Tomorrow is my Teacher of the Year banquet and Kevin goes to the doctor for his infertility appointment tomorrow. Prayers appreciated!