Sunday, May 1, 2011

Concessions are in the air!

It's concession time here!! We were official for the first time ever! No borrowed trailer...our trailer was not only ours but finally labeled with our logo AND with our menu printed on the board above the window (next weekend I'll get a pic!). Plus, we got new T-shirts printed!! Thanks to Stress Free Graphics - Mic is awesome if you need any graphics work. We love her! My awesome sis-in-law worked the window yesterday so I could try out another job and I loved every minute of it! I got to enjoy the day and not stress...assembling burgers and slinging fries! We were pretty efficient yesterday with a good assembly line set up. Kudo's to Big Bear and all our helpers!!
This week is going to busy and interesting...stay tuned. :) Tomorrow is my Teacher of the Year banquet and Kevin goes to the doctor for his infertility appointment tomorrow. Prayers appreciated!

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