Sunday, May 22, 2011

A day wrapped up in boxer wiggles!

After church, I met Suzi with BoxAR Rescue and picked up this little girl named Jandy. My most awesome Mom agreed to foster her. She was one day away from being put to sleep. THANKS MOM! :) She's a cutie and a little one too with an application already! Life will be good for this little girl, I just know it!

As a bonus, I got see Mom and Autumn's new horse, Dixie. She is beautiful and up close has brown freckles. Love her name!!

Doc has a buddy now! :)And, I got see my boy, Duke. Remember the two pups (brown one and a white one) that Kevin and I had overnight and then my Mom fostered and kept one? Look at him now!!!!

I loved playing with him and Carly this afternoon! Fun, fun, fun! Boxer pups ROCK! I think even my dad is smitten with these two! heehee!When Duke grows into those feet, he is going to be huge!!

Thanks for sharing your day with me Mom! Love ya!

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