Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I did it!!

So, I haven't read a book yet this year, but I've read all the books of the Bible in the New Testament!!!! Yeeeeee!!! I have finally read the Bible for myself instead of listening to others tell me what it says. Now, I know for myself! Priceless!! I finished the New Testament last night and now plan on taking a little break to do a Beth Moore study. Then, it's on to the Old Testament! It's really cool to read and find yourself having ah-ha moments like "that's where that song comes from" or "that's where he got that story from". Awesomeness!

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Wicker family said...

That is awesome, Lori! I am proud of you. I need to read through and not skip around...I just love how I can read the same scripture and learn something new each time. Too bad I don't live closer or I would love to do a Beth Moore study with you! I am praying for you guys!