Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Adventures

We decided to take a family road trip today. We went to breakfast at Waffle House with a map of Arkansas to decide which direction we were headed in. We ended up going to one of our favorite spots for a hike, Lake Sylvia, and then explored some around the area. We wanted to hike and maybe take the dogs for a swim, so first up was trying on Rex's new life jacket!! Remember how he almost drowned last year?!? This creek was perfect for them. They got to take a swim (without water over Rex's head!!) and get water both before and after our hike.

We did two different trails at Lake Sylvia. One was super short, so we headed over to this one. I LOVE this trail!! It's so pretty!! You start off walking along side the lake all the way to the dam.
After this point, it gets a little rocky and uphill and I fall waaayy back because I am out of shape. And every time, I think for about 10 minutes, "Why did I want to do this again?" ha! But then, you reach the top and look out and see how beautiful Arkansas is!
And, then starts the downhill climb. (Don't let the picture above fool you. I was HOT, covered in sweat and really just wanted to sit down and catch my breath at this point!)

Notice I am always in the very back taking pictures. The pups slow down every now and then to make sure I'm still there! ha!

Once we made it back down, the pups were able to get back in the creek and cool off. They were worn out! I honestly don't think that Rex's near drowning experience made him scared of water. He just jumped right in.
On the way back from Lake Sylvia, we stopped at a little gas station for deli sandwiches and went up the highway to Lake ??? (going to ask Kevin for the name) and had a picnic lunch. It was a nice quiet place for a picnic. There was even a spot for us to let Rex off lead and practice making him come back to us. He did good too! But we decided the winning spot of the day went to these folks:
They had their three dogs and a raft and were just floating and the dogs were swimming. It was awesome! Let's just say one day during the week this summer, we are claiming this spot as ours!! :)

I love days like today when we all pile in the car and see where the day takes us! Awesomeness!

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Lake Winona. Like the Judd.