Thursday, June 2, 2011

Crawfish Boil!!!

Tonight was the annual crawfish boil for the Game and Fish workers at the Skeet Shooting event we've been doing concessions for...this is our last weekend! This year, Kevin got crawfish from a local farm and they were BIG! (and YUMMY!) And yes, the purge pool was on an incline and I kept having to go capture ones that escaped and put them back in.

I always feel sorry for them and try to save at least one before they hit the boiling water! Like I need a pet crawfish! ha
Dinner is almost done!! Woohoo!!
Awesomeness!!! You done good Big Bear! :)


Vader's Mom said...

You're right! Those are huge!! And they look yummy. I love a good crawfish boil.

Sandy said...

Those are some HUGE crawfish! Should have told everyone they were lobster and jacked up the price.