Thursday, June 23, 2011

Enough already...

It's June 23rd and I am not on vacation YET. Notice to all people who like to say teachers get 3 months off every summer. LIE! (Granted, I will still manage to get a month off - 1 not 3! heehee). Today, I helped organize the science lab at school. Tomorrow is back to science curriculum mapping and Monday too. Then, are you ready for it? THEN, I can start my summer! The good news (if anyone is interested) is that the curriculum maps for next school year are looking good and I think our science lab is going to be awesome!
Now, for what to do??? All our camping reservations got cancelled...anyone know of a camp site that isn't closed due to flooding??? We have the itch to camp. It needs to be dog friendly and near water! It's too hot! Shoot me an email if you have camping ideas...countdown to summer is on! :)
**See post below for what to do on Saturday**

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