Sunday, June 19, 2011


...I think it's me and Big Bear against the world. One of the biggest benefits of being married to your best friend is that when times are hard, you've got each other. You know Mother's day is hard for me every year and Father's day is no picnic in the park for Big Bear either. We left church after Sunday School and decided to go grab a bit to eat and pretend it was any other day. Then, as we finish our meal the waiter says to Kevin, "Do you have kids?" Kevin says, "No, not yet." To which the waiter replies, "So, it isn't your day then." Ouch. Rub salt in the wound. Kevin did say thank God it wasn't Mother's day because I would've left bawling! I just wish people would think before they speak.
And, yes, from now on, we will be skipping church on Mother's day and Father's day and probably just hibernating at home with our fur kids and blocking out the world for a day. Kevin said it best today when he said he was going to focus on what he was instead of what he wasn't. And, he is a very loving husband and an awesome cook!! :)

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