Sunday, June 26, 2011

What to do when.... have the weekend all to yourself? Well, first you sit back and enjoy a clean house! :) Then, Saturday went straight to the dogs! It was BoxAR's big fundraiser at Burns Park on Saturday. This year, we donated some BBQ again, and Suzi had two helpers for me, so I got to enjoy the day and not have to stay in one spot. I even got to take Rex!!! Everyone loved him and loved all over him. And, basically, he was worthless all day. He came alive in spurts. Poor spoiled dog is used to the air conditioner all day and the heat was hard on him!! It was H.O.T.!!!! But they had pools everywhere and misters for the dogs to get under and lots and lots of fans. Rex got to see his brother, Rocko. Here they are together...Rex is passed out for like the tenth time that day! ha!

Look at this cute baby girl...she came all dolled up! :)
Rex had a fan club all day. These cute girls from my school came and took charge of him for awhile and even entered him into a contest. But we didn't win. :( All in all, it was a fun day. Word is still out on how much was raised but I bet it was good. The silent auction was big and had lots of good items! Thanks to everyone who came out! *For more pictures from the event, visit the BoxAR blog in my sidebar.
After our hot afternoon, we came home and piled up with Stella and took a little nap. Then, it was time to get ready for scrapbooking! Whoot! We had a good group and BBQ nachos (yum). I am officially finished with my 2010 scrapbook and have Jan-April pictures organized and ready to scrap for 2011. I feel a little scrappin' coming on for this week!!
Now, I gotta go get ready for Big Bear to be home! :)

PS. I'm having some trouble with blogger. It won't let me mess with my font sizes. Urgh! Sorry!

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