Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th Weekend Part 1

We were finally able to get away for a few days and it was NICE! On Saturday, we took our time and hit the road with the pups heading to Kevin's parents house for a few days. The great thing about our families is that they are all from the same area. And, my parents house is the half-way point in between. So, we stopped at Mom and Dad's and had a little country/dog time. I could sit under my parents big pecan trees and play with all the dogs all day long!
You know it is a bit of boxer paradise there...above is Duke. Remember the adorable boxer mix pups that Kevin and I had at our house for a day or two? Duke was one of them. He is bigger than Rex already at 5 months old and is just a big ole clumsy goofball! I love him!! And, his best friend is Carly (below). We got to babysit her when she was just a few weeks old. Love her too, but Duke is my boy! :)
After awhile of loving on the dogs, the BIG dogs came for some too. Seriously, the horses just wander up in the middle of the action and want attention too. Kevin got to meet the new horse, Dixie. She would stand there for as long as he would brush her.
We also got to meet and take pictures of Mom's new foster for BoxAR Rescue. We are calling her Grace (for Graceland) because she is from Memphis. She's a sweetie and gorgeous. You can hop
over to the BoxAR blog in the sidebar to read more about her if you are interested. :) (And to see her pic because blogger just erased it. I am having serious blogger trouble lately.)
After a few hours at Mom's, we were back on the road...more tomorrow!

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