Saturday, July 9, 2011

4th Weekend Part II

After taking a pit-stop at Mom and Dad's, we hit the road to finish up our journey to NE Arkansas. When we got to Kevin's parents house, his grandma Odean was there to have dinner with us. And what a yummy dinner it was too...beans, cornbread, fried okra, cobbler...YUM! What a welcome!! :) After dinner we settled in and basically MOVED in by the time we unloaded our stuff, Kevin's golf stuff and the dogs stuff!!!! Let's go ahead and note here that Rex ran away 4 times on this trip!! FOUR! Twice the first night we were there. Once after a bird and I caught up with him easy enough. Then, later after a cat. in the woods! Kevin got him that time. Then, again the next morning when I was half-asleep and barefoot. At this point, killing him may have crossed my mind! Then again on the 4th while Kevin's mom was taking him out to potty. The dog is a mess! Most of the time he is a lazy sack of bones. Urgh!
On the 4th of July every year in Piggott, there is a parade and picnic. Kevin and I haven't been in years, so we decided since we didn't have a catering this year, to go. I loved it! We got to see so many family members from both sides of the family. I started the day by going to the parade with my family and he went to play a round of golf with his parents.
I forgot just how much candy a kid can score during this parade!! I'm pretty sure we didn't get as much when we were little! :)
My cousin's girls are throwing candy from the 4-wheeler. My family has watched the parade from the same spot for years and years. I think everyone has their territory marked out. :)
After the parade, it actually rained for a bit (it never rains there on the 4th!!), so we all met up at Granny Mack's for lunch and then a few games before hitting the picnic.

At the picnic, we ran into members of Kevin's family and my family. So, we got a lot of visiting in AND got to eat fair food. Sno cones & cotton candy. Ahhhh!!! We rode the tilt-a-whirl but decided we were too big to get back in the zipper. There are two versions of the story, but yes, the zipper is where Kevin and I had our first kiss when we were 15 years old at the Piggott 4th of July picnic! This is Kevin's sweet cousin, Haley. I love this picture of them:

What would the 4th be without beauty pageants, raffles, family and fireworks??? :) Hope we get to go back next year.

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