Thursday, July 7, 2011

Birthday Treats

Yesterday was Kevin's birthday but since he worked at the golf course until 1 o'clock yesterday, we said that yesterday afternoon and this morning were his birthday. :) Basically, we went to several flea markets, a favorite past time of ours. And, we went to Copeland's for dinner last night. Then today, we started the day at Pleasant Valley on the golf course. Now I can appreciate why Kevin says it is a privilege to work there one day a week. It is gorgeous!!!
I basically drove the cart, kept up with his score, took pictures and read a book the whole time. It was such a nice day. There was a nice breeze the whole time and the scenery made it very peaceful.

**Tomorrow, Part II of July 4th. Gotta get it down while I remember it, so I can copy and paste it into my scrapbook when I journal it! :)

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