Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Camping Round 2

We decided we had two weeks before I went back to work and we better go camping again while we still could. It's awesome going during the week because there aren't many people there. Above is the view from our campsite at Lake Sylvia, and we were literally the only people camping besides the camp host. Love it! Once again, Stella didn't have to worry with a leash. :)
Over Memorial weekend we went for a day hike and saw this GREAT swimming hole, so we made it ours yesterday and today. Again, we had the place to ourselves. And, this was for sure a place that Rex needed his life jacket. You would be walking along in ankle deep water and it would suddenly drop off. He fell into deep water once and then I knew we better vest up! Eventually, he got tired of us all in the water and wanted out with us...the solution:
Stella is happy as long as someone is throwing a stick or she is out swimming.
Today, when we first got to the swimming spot, Kevin saw a big alligator gar come to the surface of the water. We were a little skittish after that (especially after being bitten by fish the day before!!). So, Rex and I piled in the boat and went to look for the gar! Note the flip flops as paddles! ha!!
After swimming, we decided to take the sight seeing route back to camp and the plan was to eat lunch, pack up and then go swimming again....
But, after sight seeing as we were almost back to camp, we were meeting a truck pulling a boat and its motor fell off into the road. Seriously! We were able to drive around the big chunks, but as we pulled into camp, the computer in the Tahoe said to check the tire pressure. About 30 minutes or so later, this is what we saw:

Turns out we missed the big stuff but ran over a big chunk of metal from their propeller. Thank God we weren't about 2 minutes further up in our journey or that motor would have come off as we were beside them. Now, THAT would have been bad. As it is, we started our past camping trip with a blow-out on the pop-up and we ended this one with a flat on the Tahoe. Poor Kevin!! Did I mention the log truck that threw a rock into my windshield and took a chunk out of it? We really don't need to go camping for awhile! ha!
We are getting a handle on Rex's swimming issues though...we need a new life jacket. This one doesn't fit him right and if I have a floatie that isn't the kind you blow up, he can float with me. Then, we are set! :)

If you need me tomorrow, I'll be at the tire store....

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