Friday, July 22, 2011


This camping trip can be summed up best like this:
maintenance repairs to camper = $206
trip to Wal-Mart = $120
gas = $60
trip to Food Giant = $21
blow-out on pop-up = $1 for air on spare and 2 hours on side of road
campsite with electricity = $16
trip to Wal-Mart = $10
new spare tire for pop-up = $66
multiple bags of ice = $10
Getting away with Big Bear and pups = priceless! :)

It was a rough start...short version: had a blow-out on pop-up on way up there in 100+ weather, Kevin gets spare on and it's FLAT, unhook camper so I can drive to nearest town for air, camper falls off jack (ouch), get spare aired up and after two hours on side of a busy road (that NO ONE stopped to ask if we needed help - not even a sheriff!!!), get to campsite as it is getting dark, all the sites we wanted were taken because they are taking reservations again and ours had been CANCELLED months ago and not honored, find a site, get level and unhooked and park attendant comes by and finds that the electricity isn't working in the site, hook back up, find another site (it's now DARK), back down, level in the darkness, think about saying forget it and going home, but tough it out and end up having a great time! But we all did a lot of praying that first night!!
The next day was full of visiting and swimming and napping!! Kevin's parents were in Heber to play golf and look at houses and stopped by to see us.
Stella's facial expression in the picture below should tell just how much she loves camping and swimming!! I've got to take her swimming with her cousin, Lucky, who is addicted to water! ha
Stella would fetch and fetch all day if you let her. We found that she does better in water fetching sticks instead of tennis balls. When she gets the tennis balls, she gets a mouth full of water at the same time.
If she's not playing fetch, she swims out to Kevin and gets a kiss, turns around and comes back to shore! ha!
Rex (the non-swimmer) gets in on the game as Stella returns to shallow water! :)
We tried to teach Rex how to swim and it's not happening. Luckily, he doesn't WANT to get over his head and stays up close to shore. Once though, he took off after a boat or a bird??? and got in a little too deep. That's when the life jacket came out and we tried to teach him to swim. Poor thing!

Stella really is a good camping dog. No leash needed (shhh!) and would swim all afternoon!
Rex's lip got stuck on his tooth...makes me laugh! We had so much fun swimming with the dogs and camping. Sadly, I doubt we get to go again until fall. At least we got our fix for awhile.

Big Bear kept us fed and with a campfire. Rex kept us entertained. Stella amazed us with her smarts and fetching talents. I kept everything together and organized. And, we all had good naps and a good time! :)

Oh, I should also note that this rule follower (me) broke three camping rules and got in trouble on the last night. This tickles my non-rule following husband. What were the rules? 1.) in the swimming area after 10 pm 2.) had the dogs in the swimming area 3.) one dog had no leash SORRY!!! And, our dogs may or may not pee IN the lake water. heehee

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