Thursday, July 14, 2011


After 6 years of teaching 3rd grade, it was time for a change of scenery and some new curriculum to conquer! That means moving up to 4th grade and cleaning out and moving all my stuff!! The Saturday after school was out, Big Bear helped me haul everything to the new room. That took two dolly's, two hours or so and two people. :) Then, I had the mess you see above and below. (not sure what happened with some of the pics, but forgive me, I just snapped them with my phone so I'd feel good about the progress I was making each day!)
Day 1 = 9 hours of bleaching and cleaning everything and throwing away tons of stuff. I did get all the cabinets and closet organized. But I couldn't move that night!! Day 1 after:

Day 2 = organizing around my desk/small table area and more cleaning and visiting with other teachers :)
Day 3= a waste (I went for a few hours before a dr. appt.) Big Bear put a shelf together and I pulled about a million staples out of bulletin boards. Seriously!!
Day 4 = now I see progress!! Today I wasn't planning on going but I really wanted to finish the shelves and get my books on them. I knew I could see it starting to come together then.
Before pic:

And, my shrunken after pics...that back counter rocks!! Next week, I'll get better pics!

I shopped for some new fabric to back my bulletin boards and some borders today. Getting excited!!!

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