Monday, August 8, 2011

Discouraged but not without hope

I think that is a good descriptor of our news today. Without too much detail, or maybe with, who knows? We'll see where this post takes us. Today marks the day we finally have an answer in that we won't be able to have a child without assistance. Now, here is the positive side of that - no one said we couldn't have a child. No one said it was impossible. No one said there was zero chance. Just that we would need some help. Even more positive, in my opinion, is that we were referred to THE BEST infertility doctor in Little Rock. Now, we just meet with him and go over our options. And cost. That's the scary part for me. But I am going to push that out of my mind for now. First, we meet with the specialist. Then, we make decisions. How far are we willing to go with this? At point do we stop? When do you give in and throw in the towel? Why, oh why, does it seem like everything is a battle for us? Oh, is the devil working on us? You better believe it! He sees his opening with this one. But he won't win. We are relying on God to get us through this, guide us, show us our paths to take. I still am not feeling a pull to adopt or foster. I am not ready to give up on a child of our own. I think it's possible. Actually, from what the doctor said today, I am very hopeful that artificial is the answer for us. So, there it is for now. Decisions to make. News to come to terms with. Big Bear is taking it harder than me. Pray for us both, but pray for him an extra prayer please.

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Anonymous said...

So since I am catching up on the blog and reading posts back to back - do you think there is any correlation between the unexpected raise and the possibility that you will have some additional medical expenses related to conception of Baby B? I don't believe in coincidence. Could be that God is working here for you to help ease your concern about the expense by providing needed extra funds. Trust Him! - M