Tuesday, August 30, 2011


As you all well know, Jax, was the best dog that ever lived, and I have wanted to get a pet portrait made of him. Well, a girl from my hometown, used to do pet portraits and is now making them again. You better bet I am on the list to have one made. Now, here comes the tough part. She needs some pictures to work from. I have tons and tons. Which to pick? I am pretty sure I want a portrait with his sweet gray face. Oh, how I still miss that face!!! But which one? It's been two years and I still cry as I type this. He was one awesome boy. I'll never have another like him. Not even close.
What do you think of these? What to do, what to do?


Anonymous said...

My vote is for the one on the deck with the ball....they are all good ones!

Anonymous said...

Laying on the deck is my favorite! But instead of a tomato I would have her paint a ball. Haha! They are all GREAT though!! :)

Sandy said...

Either the one on the deck or the third from the bottom with those sad puppy dog eyes. He looks like he is pleading innocent to something in that one. :)