Monday, August 1, 2011

Good and Not so good....

**Warning - Infertility Talk - could qualify as T.M.I**
Today was a doctor day for the infertility. I'll keep it short, because really it is a short report. Remember, we left off with Kevin taking an antibiotic for the bacteria that was killing the "swimmers". Good news is that it worked! He no longer has whatever the fancy name that they labeled it. yay!! Bad news is that the "sample" that was given last week was unreadable. So....that means, he has to do it again. NOT. FUN! There are several reasons it could have been unreadable and one of which is heat. Considering he took the sample up there in a non-air conditioned vehicle in this crazy heat, I'd go with that reason. So, I think it is looking good. We take another sample in on Thursday in MY air conditioned ride and he goes back to the doctor the week after that. All in all, encouraging news, just frustrating for Kevin. Keep the prayers coming!!

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Tasha said...

lots of ((prayers)) and ((hugs))