Saturday, August 20, 2011

My parents new place!!!

We just got back from having a birthday dinner with my dad and then drove out to the new farm. Wow! The land is GORGEOUS!! 60 acres with a house (we'll get to that later), a shop, a hay barn, another barn, a shed, all fenced for the horses, 3 ponds, some woods, and an awesome creek! Love, love, love IT! I will just let the pictures do most of the talking. There are twenty acres beside the house and then it goes back for what seems like forever. We had to drive it in my Bubby's truck...I can see some serious 4-wheeler riding and fishing in our future! :)
This is the creek at the very back of the land. It marks the back border. There are some big cypress trees and it's called Cypress Creek.

This is in the woods along the back of the property...there is an old recliner back here for deer hunting. Mom and Autumn are thinking horse trail rides...
The biggest of the three ponds:
Now, for the "before" pics of the house...keep in mind that it's old and I think has been empty for a year? And, an 80 year old man had lived in it by himself for years. The big decision is if they are going to re-model and add on OR make it livable while they build a new house. Either way, lots of work ahead...
And so begins the great move of of progress as it's made will be posted. :)

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