Thursday, August 18, 2011


This week has FLOWN by!! Week 1 of school is one day away from finished. Wow!
Lots of good news this week too!!
*I love my job. Love the challenges a new grade level is bringing. Love my coworkers and that I am learning new things. This is why changing grade levels is good for me every now and then. I get revived!
*In baby news, we have our appointment with Dr. Batres on September 6th. I am VERY happy about it and excited to hear our options. I feel like we are finally getting the "show on the road".
*And, my parents closed on 60 acres in Beebe. While it's a little sad that the house and land I have so many memories with will be up for sale and I will officially have no reason to go back to Newport, I am excited for them. The plus side is that they will be closer when Baby Benson finally does get here! And 60 acres is AwEsOmE! I can't wait to see it!

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