Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer is over

This blog was temporarily interrupted due to the crazy, busy that goes along with getting a classroom ready for the first day of school. Tomorrow is the day!! I meant to take a picture of the finished classroom yesterday before I left but I forgot. :( I will have to get one tomorrow and post. I love it!! It's the same theme as the past few years, but just the move and the cleaning out of stuff makes it feel different. Brighter. Clean. Ready for a new year.
Anyway...even as I type this, I have things "to do" piled in my lap. So, short and sweet. I am here again. I've been covered up in making things for the classroom and cutting lamination. And reading up on 4th grade curriculum. The room is done. Well, except for a few minor signs/labels I want to make with the cricut and get up. The papers are copies. The laundry and house caught back up. My new co-workers are awesome! And now, it's just time to meet the kids, learn some new curriculum and have a great year!

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