Tuesday, August 2, 2011

This, that, and the other....

Thank you to my proof readers...I now have a header for my birthday poster that is even better than what I had originally, and I don't have to deal with a nasty apostrophe! ha! Have I mentioned my hatred of comma's and apostrophe's? (Do those two need apostrophe's?) Ahhh! I'll take a picture of the completed project when it's all laminated and hanging.
I have another assignment for you! I need a cute bulletin board idea for back to school. I try to stick to the beach/ocean theme. The past two or three years, I've had the flip flops. I want something different and a catchy title. My cousin has these cricut cut outs I could use: castle, popsicle, sea horse, palm trees, ice cream cone....any of those spark a good idea???? Email or leave a comment if they do! :) I'll totally give you the credit!
I have two full days left of summer and it's too hot to do ANYTHING!! I will be hibernating the next two days. I may not even leave the house! I need to save my money to pay the $300 electric bill I got today! holy moly! :(

Send some ideas folks...I'm hoping to scrap the next few days!
Oh, and for the record so she'll shut-up about it: Michelle E. was right and I was wrong. It happens! ha!

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Anonymous said...

HHHAAA!!! I'm just now reading the blog (you know I was in Hawaii and all! :) and cracking up. Did I mention I luv being right? :) - M