Monday, September 19, 2011

Infertility update

Good news: The cysts on my ovary are functional cysts. The good kind. Nothing to worry about. No surgery needed. Woohoo!
Blood work up is in progress, and Kevin will be taking in another "sample". Then, next week I get to have x-rays to make sure all my tubes are open. After we get all this information back, then we get to discuss what our options are...apparently they are still leaning towards the IVF side. And, I am trying not to focus on the money part when I have enough to worry about.
As for why I just skipped my cycle this month? Who knows? Maybe I just wanted to be pregnant so badly that I willed it away. Or, maybe I am like one of those dogs that has a false pregnancy. Before long, I'll be carrying dolls around thinking they are babies. I mean, I am sure there are cases where people have lost their minds from all this infertility business.
Thanks for the prayers, calls, and texts. I think I am retreating into my shell for awhile and just focusing on Jesus, and me and Big Bear.

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Tasha said...

I am so happy to hear no surgery! Thats just 1 good news step in the right direction :)