Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

I feel like we should have done something exciting like camping...but I haven't been just feeling 100% lately. I think it's just exhaustion from working we had a quiet weekend at home. Friday night, Kevin took me out to dinner for Mexican - a favorite and then I went to bed early. Like I said, exciting! Saturday, I cleaned a little, ran a few errands and then crashed for napping with the pups.
Of course, we ordered pay-per-view and watched the Hogs. It was such a blow-out that it was a great first game for the Hogs, but made for a boring game. (Just my opinion...I like those down to the wire, blood pumping games!)
Sunday, brought church, more napping....

Today, we have been lazy again. Although we did drive around and look for some potential parking places for the concessions trailer. Hopefully, I am all rested up and ready to conquer the week! It's nice that it's only 4 days!
Oh, I got my pictures turned in for Jax's portrait. I sent the tomato pic as #1.
And, I'm pretty sure all the napping went to my head and I signed up to work the nursery once a month at church. What was I thinking?!? I haven't changed a diaper in 12 years!!!!
Keep us in your prayers tomorrow is our doctor appointment with Dr. Batres! :)

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