Thursday, October 13, 2011

Birthday Girl!

That's right! It's Nala Girl's 15th birthday!! And she wants to tell you her story!
15 years is a long time to be together. My mom says I've been with her longer than anyone. I love her. She really spoils me, because she always wanted an orange tabby and that's ME! I was born in a barn a few days within my brother, Simba's litter, so grandma and mom "guess" that today is my birthday. They know they are within a day or two of it, so we settled on the 13th of October. Can you believe I was born in a barn? Those days are sooooo behind me! My original family included Rocky (the rottie), Jax (who mom refers to as the best dog ever), and Simba (my brother...we share a daddy?). Here is a picture of my mom with me, Simba and Jax. I was NOT very happy here at all!

And this is me with my brother, Simba. He passed away earlier this year. We think he had a heart attack. I told him to stop going out there and hunting, but he loved it. Me? I prefer the indoors, the soft fabrics, the air conditioner, the peace and quiet. I do miss my brother though. He was my sidekick for over 14 years. It was hard to say goodbye, even if he did annoy me sometimes. I mean, what are brothers for, right?
Everyone except my mom thinks it is ridiculous that I prefer to drink my water out of the tap. I say, what is better than fresh water? And, yes, I let it run down my head first. Don't judge!
After Rocky and Jax passed away, mom and dad eventually got new puppies. What a pain that was! I hated them for the first two years pretty much. I've only decided to try and like them now that Simba is gone and I have no one else to talk to while mom and dad are at work. I do love to bully the boxer though. Shhh! He's so easy to pick on! He's terrified of me. The other one, Stella, she's too dumb to even know to be scared. And her tail drives me crazy!!
If I had a choice, I'd take my Simba back!!
And if we are being completely honest, I'd take Jax back too. He was SO much calmer. I could cuddle on the couch with him. Not these two new morons!! Oh well, maybe I can get them trained!!

Just recently I was diagnosed with diabetes. I am trying to be brave for my mom. She was nervous about giving me shots, but I am being extra good for her. She said she wants many more years with me because she loves me so much. My birthday wish is for many more years with her too. I love nothing more than sitting in her lap and letting her love on me! Happy Birthday to Me!

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