Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kitty Prayers

Little Miss Fluff...aka Nala...aka Nonna Girl is going to the vet tomorrow. Now, she is NO treat at the vet. She turns from this sleeping fluff of beauty into a real beast. It's not pretty. Ever! But, my girl is 15 years old now and we are having some issues, so tomorrow we get checked out. And, I am hoping for the best results. I even went and got her a new pink carrier for her trip...hoping the comfort of it helps. (yeah, right!) This is how she reacted when I showed her: (her not so happy face!)

"Woman, I am NOT going in there!"

"Dream on!"
You know it doesn't ever rain at the Benson house, it pours buckets! We don't need any bad news, so let's pray some healthy kitty prayers please!

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