Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Never a Dull Moment!

Just as it started raining here and got dark, Rex started going nuts at the back fence. When I used the flashlight, I couldn't see WHAT it was that had him stirred up. But, I had 3 sets of eyes glowing in the light, so I knew we had trouble. I yelled for Big Bear to help and this is what we found:
Whoever said that possum's play dead was WRONG! GroSS! He was mad and hissing!! Of course, he had two dogs sniffing him and barking, two flashlights on him, a man asking for a shovel to hit him with and a crazy woman with a camera all coming at him! LOL!
He took some good hits with the shovel and then was tossed over the fence. Yep, we are THOSE neighbors! HA! Seriously, I doubt he's dead, so I'm sure he'll be up and roaming in no time. But, thanks for the save Big Bear!! And, Good Boy Rex!! Taking over Jax's old possum huntin' ways, just warms a momma's heart! Who says only labs can hunt?

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