Monday, November 21, 2011

One down!

I officially survived family Thanksgiving #1 with a feeling like I had "infertile" stamped on my forehead while walking among the land of the fertile. I think everyone at Kevin's family turkey day gathering either has lots of kids or kids on the way. I may have almost cried once. Or twice. My emotions are too out of whack, and my flight instinct is on high alert. But I was trapped. And, I survived. And, if the thought of grabbing one of the babies and running crossed my mind, that would be perfectly normal. Right? (This is where all infertile people say Yes! Perfectly! And, all the fertile people of the world think I am nuts!) Oh, I would never do it. But cry? Yep, might happen. At the drop of a hat. One of Kevin's cousin's has the most precious chubby baby (the girl version of my BFF's chubby baby). I mean, she is gorgeous!! As we were about to leave, I finally got my chance to hold her and that most precious baby put her head on my shoulder and hugged me. And that's when I almost lost it. Nothing like it. That hug melted my heart. So, naturally, it was time to bolt. :)
Family Turkey Day #2 coming this Saturday. Luckily, my family has less little ones running around. Should be an easier day on the ole emotional roller coaster. One can hope!

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