Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

Christmas Day this year started out at church at the midnight candlelight service. It was a little hard to stay up after a long fun-filled family day, but it was totally worth it! No other place I would have rather been! I hope we get to start off every Christmas that way. After all, we are celebrating Jesus!!
After sleeping in a bit, it was time for stocking stuffers and our big Christmas morning breakfast. It is always fun to see what treasures Big Bear has found for me. I think my favorite from this year might be the awesome boxer coffee mug he found. Or, all the cricut cartridges. Tough to decide!! The camping journal for our new big camper (someday) was pretty neat too. Anyway...Big Bear got Razorback Basketball tickets! GO HOGS! And the dogs and Nala were spoiled too. They went so crazy over their first toys, that we had to do their stockings in stages! ha!

After being lazy for a bit and sipping on hot chocolate and coffee and checking out our new prizes, we headed off to Beebe this year!!! How nice to shave off 45 minutes of our drive! Mom & Dad's place is not quite ready, so we met and ate at Bubby's. Then, we headed over to the farm to see the progress. I will HAVE to do some before/after shots later this week to show you the difference. It's going to be awesome! Another good family day! :)
My family ~ 2011

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