Sunday, December 11, 2011

Date Day

Yesterday, Big Bear and I took the whole day and had a much needed all-day date! We slept in and then went for a nice lunch at Copeland's. YUMMY!! We went shopping at Petsmart for the furkids Christmas presents. Let's just say that they are going to benefit from us not having human kids!! And, they better not tear up their new dog beds that were still over priced on sale!!! But, I am finding my therapy in spending money I don't have! LOL! After splurging on the furkids, we hit some flea markets and got a few bargains. (Like a $1 tennis racket to hit Stella's tennis ball further into the backyard for her! Score!) We had a nice nap after that and then went and had a light dinner, got a gift for a needy family, and came home to snuggle up for How the Grinch Stole Christmas. All in all, a successful day. Realities of life tried to sneak their way in a few times and ruin our joy, but I reminded myself that God was in control. One day at a time...

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