Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hog Road Trip

*Ok, you can skim this if you desire. I have to get this all down while I remember it and in order for a scrapbooking idea I have! :)
This trip all started from the idea to put Razorback Basketball tickets in Kevin's stocking. I knew he would love it!! I can watch baseball and football anytime, but basketball, not so much. So, I was glad that I ended up enjoying the trip as much as he did! We wanted to spend some time in Fayetteville remembering our college days. We didn't date in college but we were best buddies. Another story for another day...
The best to relive our college days was to take the Pig Trail to Fayetteville!!
This was the last hour of our drive and when we were in college, we knew every curve before it hit. You knew where you were by the scenery around you. It was GREAT to take the Pig Trail instead of the boring ole interstate drive! We need to do it again in the fall and in the spring when it's even prettier. Although, even in winter, this was beautiful:
After the Pig Trail, we head to my favorite (or most frequent) college place to eat ~ Hog's Breath. It's still there and still has the best and biggest baked potatoes! :)Then, we drove across the road to see my old apartments. College Park. Lots of memories!! I not only lived there, met my best friend and old roomie there, but I worked there for years as a leasing consultant and then an administrative assistant.
Since we saw my old place to live, we had to go see Kevin's next! And, I spent plenty of time there myself.
Right across the street from the Kappa Sigma house, on the sidewalk going to Old Main is my name on the sidewalk! Woohoo! Class of '95!

Then, we walked up and down Dickson Street. Some of it is still the same. I have always loved Dickson Street. But, sadly, a lot of the character and charm of Fayetteville has been lost in the growth. It's still Fayetteville, but not quite as good as it was when I was there. :) I was sad to see that the Berkenstock guy with Flying Possom had passed away and his store was boarded up. :(
After walking around Dickson Street, we walked around campus a little. It has changed A LOT!! Then, we hit the Hog store in the basketball stadium. We loaded up on some new Hog gear!! Always a must! :)
After that, I finally got to go to Sugarbear's!! One of our high school classmates and his wife opened this store and I love all the dog pictures they put on facebook! I got the dogs a treat to bring home from our trip!
And theeennnn, I got to see my favorite little one in the world because he is so darn cute!!! My BFF's baby is just toddling all over the place and still as cute as ever!! (Are you catching just how much we are managing to cram into ONE day?!? ha!)
Next, we decided to check in at our super sweet hotel and freshen up for dinner. We had planned to go out to Tonitown, because that is where I waited tables all through college. But, the restaurant was closed for the holidays. So...we rerouted to The Catfish Hole, BUT we took Hwy. 112 which is the highway I drove everyday to work and back. LOVE that Hwy. It has some big, nice houses on it now, but for the most part, it has remained the same.

Finally, GAME TIME! Relax! We even got to meet up with a high school classmate that we haven't seen since high school! She was there with her son and in the state for the holidays. A nice treat!

We went back to our room after the game and had dessert. We stayed at Inn at the Mill in Johnson. Kevin found us a great deal online. It was very nice!!! Loved it!! Super comfy and just had a lot of character.
Dessert in bed after a Hog win and full day of fun! Yes, please and thank you!
Sadly, we had to get up this morning and head back home. Maybe next time we can stay longer and visit more people and see more things! Hope Big Bear liked his stocking stuffer as much as I did! :)

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