Monday, January 16, 2012

3 day weekends ROCK!

I am super grateful for this 3 day weekend because I needed today to recover from running on GO all day Saturday and Sunday!! It was good busy though!! Saturday started with an AWESOME yard sale of only scrap & craft stuff!!! Woohoo! 10 tables in a rented building selling their stuff. Score on the bargains!! I think I shopped for nearly 2 hours and only spent about $20!! Plus, I got some cool craft ideas. Check them out below:
Some will be used for an upcoming craft women's event at church, some you can expect as gifts, and some I plan to make some with a dog theme and give to BoxAR Rescue to sell at their monthly booth at the Memphis Flea Market. Exciting!! See how my new craft room is benefiting others! ha! Here are my scrapbook scores (a nickel a sheet for most of the paper!!!).

So, what did that inspire me to do? You guessed it! Scrapbook!!!
So, here is what I love about blogging the most! All my scrapbook journaling is DONE! Once I get ready to do a page, I go back to the blog post and pretty much copy/paste into word, put a cute font on it and print on vellum. Journaling is done!

The rest of Saturday held volunteering for Upward Basketball at church and doing a home visit for BoxAR rescue. And, as a result of that home visit, Grace (the one my mom is fostering) has a new home! woohoo!
Sunday held church, a visitation for a family friend, Memphis Flea Market to see BoxAR's booth, and a meeting with some women at church to get some women's ministry going at our church. Whew! I was one tired puppy after all that!
Today, I graded papers and finished the disappointing book I was reading (more that tomorrow!).

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Lindsey said...

Lori I seriously LOVE your work. It's gorgeous!! And inspiring!! I cannot squeeze scrapbooking in this year but I can do other things, such as what you have pictured!!! Love LOVE it! And to receive those things as gifts, I bet the recipients are so thankful:~)