Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Before/After (so far) at the Farm

Over Christmas, we went to my parents new farm and what a difference!! Keep in mind, they have 10 acres, multiple shops, 2 barns and a house they are getting ready to be put on the market in Newport. At the same time, they are trying to get the house in Beebe to be livable, so they can move there and then add-on when they sale the old place. LOTS of work, but I couldn't believe the progress!! And, I admit my first impression was just tear down the old house and start fresh, but it is really shaping up! And the master suite they are adding on will be AWESOME! is some of the work so far. Living area before:
After (with temporary furniture):
Look who else loves boxers!! heehee! This is the wall in the before shot above where the upside down triangle shelf is on the wall:
Bathroom before (the only one until the master suite is added on):
After with an extended sink and new vanity, mirror cabinet and paint does a world of difference:
One of the bedrooms before. I think the window was even broken. It was yucky in there and looked small.
But wow! It fit 2 dressers, a nightstand and a bed with plenty of room left over! Bigger than we thought and the new carpet and fresh paint made a HUGE difference! Go Mom and Dad!!
It pretty much has new floors and paint throughout. The kitchen is still on the to-do list, but that will be a BIG project. It's looking good!!!

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