Sunday, January 8, 2012

Craft room in the making!

This room is no where near finished, but over Christmas break, I did get it primed and painted. I also got my scrapbook desk cleaned out and organized, an old dresser from my Mom's moved in, and the closet cleaned out and organized!! Oh, and shelves moved in and filled up! Now, I am looking for a futon or sleeper love seat to add to the room. Then, I can fold it out when we have guests (or when Kevin snores too loud!), but it doesn't take up the room of a regular bed!! Once I get that, I will finish up the walls. I am still looking for just the right thing for here (over the super sweet cricut expression 2!!):
The cool thing about the dresser that the cricut is on is that it was purchased by my Mom waaaayyy back when she first got married to my father, so it has been with us for my entire life - almost 39 years! (gasp!) Anyway - in my parents move lots of stuff had to go and I found a place for this dresser and the one that went with it. Bonus is that my cricut gets to stay out!! AND, all the cricut cartridges live in the top drawer. Each drawer is dedicated to scrapbook materials! Whoop!! I am thinking about stripping it this summer and doing a distressed look. We'll see after I find the right futon/love seat!
Below is the dresser that I moved from my walk-in closet and put in the craft room closet. I bought that at Wal-Mart for a dresser when I was a poor college student for something like $30 and still get use out of it!! I'd say I got my money's worth!!! This is my card and gift wrapping station. It is full of tissue paper, ribbon, gift bags, and all those goodies!
Here is the scrapbook area all open and ready for business. Perfect little nook for me with my cricut handy! See that cute little black sign hanging inside my desk? It says "My husband said it was either him or scrapbooking...I took pictures of him packing and made the cutest pages." Ha!
And when I'm not scrapbooking, I can close it all up:

My first scrapbook page in the new craft room:
My first craft:
Hopefully, I can finish up this room with my birthday money! :)

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