Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend News!!

What happened this weekend besides going to an all-you-can buffet on Friday night and eating so much (including TWO cinnamon rolls!!) that it completely counteracted how good I've been trying to be?!? Well, Saturday morning, I think I was still reeling from all the food the night before!! ha!
But the rest of the weekend held Upward volunteering and caterings. And apparently my mom added a new four-legged friend to our family!!! Meet Chester:

And, Miss Grace who has been fostered by my mom, got to go to her new furever home today! yay!! She is such a good girl!
And, I finished the book I was reading (book review tomorrow) and am about to start The Hunger Games from my winning trip to Barnes & Noble this week! Hello - $25 gift card + 25% off for teachers!! Yippee!
And, that pretty much wraps up our excitement! Oh, and I finally caved and got on pinterest!! Yikes!!!!!!!!!!
PS. The dog video has been repaired in the post below! :)

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