Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gettin' Crafty

Friday night was what used to called scrapbook night but is now scrap/craft night!! My cousin, Kristen and I were determined to figure out the vinyl and cricut together. So, I brought some stuff home from school to play around with the vinyl on until we felt like we had it under control. I was in no way prepared for how easy it was going to be!! And quick! Here is my first project on a small tile:
And, all the projects from the night below:
I labeled two of my buckets from my classroom and we also made a card (thanks to Sandy for the guidance on that one!).

Only problem is that my card is so cute, I don't want to give it to anyone! haha!
I'm getting lots of ideas on pinterest for more vinyl projects. You can all probably expect some handmade gifts made with love for the next few holidays. :) I can make signs, frames, tiles...oh the possibilities!!!

Bonus to the weekend was it was our LAST Upward weekend. Whatever will we do with a WHOLE Saturday free next week???? woohoo!

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