Sunday, February 12, 2012

I'm back!

Conference forms are all finished. Interim reports done. Grades updated. Half of my conferences completed. AND, craft night at church that I was in charge of is over and was a fun success! Now, I can resume normal life. Whatever that is!!! I even have a clean house as of today and have finished the second book in The Hunger Games!!! I tell you, I need an assistant!!!! Or really, just a cleaning lady would be nice! Oh, how I miss those days!
Oh, and how can I forget?!? I had a birthday to celebrate mid-week as well. I got to turn 29 again and took the day off to spend with Big Bear. Other than being all congested and unable to breathe, it was a good day of flea marketing. But, since I wasn't feeling 100%, I get a birthday do-over on a Saturday in March. :-) You know how I like to spread my birthday's out as long as possible!
Anyway - now I am just relaxing and waiting on the snow to hit....hoping for snow pictures and fun tomorrow!

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