Wednesday, February 1, 2012


So after all that mental preparation and working up a schedule and having things ready for "the girl" to do today, she never showed up. Yep! Just.didn' No email. No phone call. Interesting! Frustrating!!!
I think this is a done deal. I'll keep you posted. Keep praying because apparently my prayer warriors can make things happen! Ha!

And, I no longer have a college student in my room. What a mess!! But in all the tantrum throwing, crying, fits, praying, talking....this is what I got out of the "the girl" being sent to my room. I wasn't dealing with the fact that we can't have kids. I had just tucked it away. Kevin wasn't handling it very well and couldn't take seeing me depressed, so I knew I had to toughen up for him. As a result, I just packed it away. But I didn't "deal" with it. I didn't work through my feelings. I just pushed them aside. So, I guess the fact that a pregnant girl in my classroom had me crying for FOUR days straight means I have some feelings to sort through. And, I guess the embryo conversation means that all doors aren't closed. So, while I can't go back into depression. I can find a way to work through all this in prayer and Bible study. And, what do you know? God sent me to a start a study on Jonah tonight. A study about how when YOU have a plan for your life and it doesn't go YOUR way because GOD has another plan. Hmmmm....sound like something I need? Oh yeah, God is smiling. I just know it! :)
And, to my prayer warriors, I love you!!!!! Let's keep praying!

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