Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow Day! (Sort of)

Today was supposed to be a winter storm. But it was a FAIL! Luckily, the kids were already out of school today for teacher workshops, so we don't have a make-up day!! That's the good news! The bad news is that the snow lasted about 30 minutes MAYBE and was just a dusting. Just enough to get Rex all excited and then poof! Gone. :(
It was pretty while it lasted!! I do LOVE snow!! Rex gets so happy and Stella just starts eating it like food is falling out of the sky just for her! LOL!
It has been an all day PJ day around here. But, I've got my taxes ready for the tax man. And, like Nala, I'm all rested and ready for the week. My Nala girl knows how to nap AND keep the pups in line!! :)
Now, to get back to reading the third book in The Hunger Games series....

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