Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Counting Down & Looking Up

Current count down to kid's Spring Break: 2 DAYS!!
Count down to MY Spring Break: 3 days!
I.can.make.it. Right????
I even have my "wish list" of what chores I want to get done for Spring Break. Ahhh...yard work, organization and reading, here I come!!!

Things are looking up in BensonLand...caterings are picking back up. Whew! We are about to be out of the red. It's been slim pickings around here. Taxes are done, and we are getting a refund. Better than owing, I know, but a little disappointed that it wasn't as much as year's past. And, we are rounding up help for our yearly big concessions job. No worries on Saturday's, but still looking for Friday help. Hint. Hint. And, next year's school calendar is out. Summer is 10 weeks long this year! Wowzer!! I bet I can teach summer school and still have more than a month off. Yay!!
Now, Harry Potter is calling my name....

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