Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 5 of Spring Break = R.A.I.N.

No yard work to be done today. Rain, rain, rain. It is also the first day of Spring Break that I've actually felt good. yay! I still have a cough, but I also had energy today! So, Big Bear and I went into "town" and had a nice lunch and ran some errands. We did a little shopping for the both of us and since Big Bear literally had one pair of pants to his name, we got the man some new pants finally. Whew! We may be poor in some ways but we are rich in many others! No tv and one pair of pants, but we've got two smartphones and two laptops! LOL! Priorities people! :)

Our excitement last night during the rain storm was Rex bounding full force through the doggie door soaking wet and dropping "something" at the mat. I'm focused on the mud and wet and Kevin says, "more importantly, what did he just drop?" Ummm....a baby squirrel!!!!!! Gasping for air!!! I may have cried and begged Kevin to take it outside so its momma could get it. And, he did even though he said it was dead. I saw it breathing!! We haven't had drama like that since Simba passed away. Made me miss the ole cat!

Tomorrow, I am hopeful for a little yard work. And, on Friday, I hired a young whippersnapper to spread mulch in the flowerbeds. Rain, rain, stay away!

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Anonymous said...

This literally made me laugh out loud! The visual of that dog with that poor squirrel and you crying all the while. Here's to sunny days for the rest of Spring Break!