Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I heard an idea on KLove the other day that to strengthen your marriage you should ask each other at the end of the day what the favorite part of your day was. Our first try (last night) went something like this:
Me: "The favorite part of my day was when Reece made a 100% on his AR test. He has been working so hard to make his AR goal."
Kevin: "That's cool. The favorite part of my day was my nap."
Me: Silence.
Kevin: "Are you sure this is going to help the marriage and not hurt it?"

Yep, maybe not a good idea after all!

So, I'll share with you the highlight of my day today!! During read aloud, one of my students was leaning back onto a chair. One with a hole in the back and he stuck his head through it (you can see where this is going). Well, they KNOW what they are supposed to do during a read aloud, so usually I can keep reading and just a quick snap of the fingers in a students direction will correct whatever needs correcting. So, I snapped. And, out of the corner of my eye, I could see he was trying to sit back up, but it just wasn't happening. Then I hear some snickering, so I pause to look over and see he has his head temporarily stuck. He got it out, but it did provided some good giggles for a minute or two! :)
I love my job!

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