Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nala scare

Wednesday morning was NOT fun around here. I knew something was off when I got up and Nala wasn't right there "telling" me to lift her up on the counter for her morning water out of the sink. She's usually right there with me when I get ready in the mornings. After strolling in late, she got sick. Then, she went into the office and got sick again. When I went to sit in the floor with her for a bit, she had a loopy look in her eyes and was breathing heavy. The heavy breathing was what sent me over the edge. That's exactly what Simba did the morning he passed away. So, with my wet hair and all, I loaded her up and off to the vet we went. I am pretty sure I was almost hyperventilating by this point, because I knew it might be the end. She is 16 years old and has diabetes after all. After a day of giving everyone hell at the vet's office (she is HORRIBLE when I don't stay with her!!), she got to come home. We changed her insulin and her kidney levels are high. So, she is now on a prescription food. I still haven't relaxed. When she is eating good again, I'll relax a little. I know that no one really gets it, because everyone else is scared of her, but she is my baby girl. She has been my baby girl for 16 years now, and for some reason, I might just be the only person she has chosen to love. Ha! For now, my fluffy girl is resting in my lap and purring loudly. Oh, how I love her purr and thank God for giving us a little more time together! :)
*I should probably mention that they couldn't get her out of the cage when pick up time came, so they asked Kevin to go back and get her out. And, she may have bit him once or twice. I wasn't there to actually see it, so I think it may just be a fabrication to enhance the stories of how "mean" she can be. :)


Sandy said...

Poor Nala (oh, and poor Kevin). I hope you sang her special song to her.

Laura said...

Poor Nala!! Hopefully the new insulin and food will do the trick. She sure is a trooper!!