Sunday, March 4, 2012


Saturday was our first free Saturday in 2 months. Upward Basketball season ended last weekend and we were free! So, we had my birthday do-over and hit the flea markets. For this day trip, we hit two spots in Benton and then we were off to Hot Springs. We had lunch at McClard's (which Kevin promptly reminded me that I was taking a BBQ cook to a BBQ place to eat), but it was my birthday do-over so I got to pick. Plus, he puts on a good act. He actually likes McClard's. I had the yummy tamale. It's under there!! Promise! Under all the cheese, frito's, and BBQ meat. Good stuff!!

We had a really good day. Good food, good finds, an ice cream treat and just a day to ourselves without stress. I think my kids were the winners of the day with all the books I scored for them yesterday!! Whoot! We are reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe right now, so I had to grab that movie when I saw it for $3!!

After a full day on Saturday, we headed to my parents place to help them do some stuff for the great move of 2011/2012 that could move into 2013 if we aren't careful!! LOTS of stuff to move!! But, mom is finding all kinds of cool stuff while cleaning out. Check out our lunch boxes that she found:

Don't think I won't carry it to school, because I will!! I even have the thermos! I also brought home a box of old pictures to sort for Mom. Expect some serious scans when I start going through them!!

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Laura said...

I think I had that same Holly Hobby lunch box'. Hal u had fun!