Monday, April 16, 2012

Hey out there!

Are you there? We aren't 100% sure how this computer thingy works, but we wanted to sneak on (that wasn't easy, mom is on here a lot!). I'm sure you know our names, but just in case, it's us, the "furkids", Rex, Stella and Nala. We pulled together as a team for this stunt!! Anyway - we have to type fast. We just wanted to thank you for all the prayers you have sent up for our momma. We have really been loving on her extra and trying our best to show her that life can be just as good without one of those two-legged kids. We've showed her just how good we can be! We even went to our Nonnie and Pop's and didn't run away ONCE! Oh, it was tempting and we almost lost it when we saw that cat. But, we remembered we were being good to help cheer mommy up, and it's worked! Between all our loving and being good and your prayers, our momma is acting like herself again. She's laughing, working in her flowerbeds, taking pictures all the time, visiting with people, and cleaning the house again. Boy, don't tell her we said this, but she was really letting things go!! You know, depression affects more than just the person who is depressed. Our house got really messy and sometimes she even forgot to feed us!!! But we didn't complain, well, Stella may have. But that's all behind us now. Thanks for loving our mommy and daddy as much as we do! We are pretty sure everything is going be to just fine!!