Thursday, April 19, 2012

In Training...

We picked up this tennis racket for a dollar at a flea market with Stella and her tennis ball in mind. So, now we are working on "leave it" and her dropping it on the racket. Then, we can hit farther (or I can hit it farther than I throw it). And, the game begins!!
"Fetch it up!"

That, my friends, is a happy lab. When she playing fetch or swimming or eating, she is happy! ha! I can see the smile in this picture!!
And now, "leave it". It amazes me how fast she catches on to commands. Tonight, if she didn't "leave it" on the racket and dropped it. I would say "pick it up" and she picked it up every time and then would "leave it" on the racket. Boxers will always be my favorite breed, but I can't help but be amazed at how smart labs are!! There it is in writing. Labs are smarter than boxers. haha! Boxers are cuter though!

And, every now and then, just to annoy her, Rex will run and get the ball. LOL!
What else is happening? We have the garden all ready and planted and the dog fence up around it. That was last nights task. And, I finished my reading area under the tree. Tonight was helping Big Bear with a fish fry. Oh, yummy it was GOOD! I get paid in food!! We are both very blessed to love what we do! :)

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