Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's all about the birthday's!

 Saturday was our nephew, Austin's, 16th birthday!!  16!!!  Time flies!!  It was also Nonnie's 61st birthday, so we had a birthday fajita lunch at Kevin's sister's house.  I do LOVE Kevin's fajita's.  (and birthday cake! ha!)  Kevin's sister did an awesome job of taking Austin on a 2 day scavenger hunt that ended Saturday morning at their house with him getting the grand prize of a new truck!  To say he was excited is an understatement!!

 Just flip those candles around and we had Nonnie's cake too! :)  Probably my most favorite part of the day was listening to Kevin's mom laugh when she opened her birthday card from us.  I have never heard her laugh so hard!!  It'll be hard to top that one!
 And, some of you may remember when we were in Rector a few weekends ago that I found a pig bench I wanted.  I saw it in someone's yard, had a fit over it, and thought I'd probably never see one again.  Then, what do you know?  When we went to lunch, there it was, right next door!!  So, I thought about it and remembered that I had my birthday money left over from Kevin's parents and bam!  I gave it back to them to get me my pig.  They brought it to me this weekend, and the pig is home!!  If it ain't swine, it ain't fine!

That sucker is HEAVY too!!  I won't be getting anything concrete for awhile!!  The butt end and head end both weighed 80 lbs a piece.  Yowzer!  Happy Birthday to me!  Glad I held onto that money until I found something I couldn't stand to be without! :)

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