Monday, April 23, 2012

Earth Day Adventures

A lab chasing ducks in the water!! 
Yesterday, we went to early service and headed out to Pinnacle Mountain for a little hiking in the woods with the pups since it is our last FREE weekend for the next 6 weeks.  Concessions are here and about to consume us.  This was a good relaxing day to gear up for the next few weeks.  End of the school year and concessions.  I'm tired already! Ha!
(PS.  I'm playing with some new features of the new blogger, so bear with me!  If things are out of line, I'm just practicing.)
He did this for quite some time and would get really close and then the ducks flew would fly further away and he'd catch back up to them.

Big Bear in the woods :)
The family shot was a fail. No one cooperated! LOL!

Me and my boxer boy, Rex.  He's a happy boy!
Tired and happy!!
Happy Earth Day!

 We are a little out of shape.  A two mile hike kicked all four of our tails, but we loved it! :)

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