Monday, April 9, 2012

Our newest "treasures"

Kevin was the winner at $5.50. He scored two movies, a clue game, 2 spike wrenches, and pickled eggs.
Now, at yard sales, I spent $3.50, but I spent some of yard sale money at two stores. I got the awesome frog at a landscape spot for $14 and the Hog ring for $13. That's how I lost for the day. ha! I scored that brand new flashlight above for 25 cents!!! That chess set for my classroom is in the wrapper and only a quarter!!! And,the antique wooden frame for only $1. I'll be making a project out of that for the 'ole craft room!
I'll show you the plans for Mr. Frog below later this week!
The story behind these pieces below is that Kevin asked about them at my Granny's yard sale only to discover that they had belonged to my great grandmother. So, we, of course, took them!!

The books I got for a quarter a piece are only for me trade in at the used book store for more books for my class room. I'll make a profit at only paying a quarter!! Sweet!!
One man's trash is another man's treasure!

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