Sunday, April 1, 2012

Work Weekend!!

This weekend we worked in the backyard. We made big progress!! And now, it's time to sit back and enjoy it. (Well, after we mow. That's the only chore left!) :) Check it are sometimes better than words:
Shed is cleaned out and organized. I should've taken a before picture so you could truly appreciate it. It had kind of become an "open the door and throw it in" shed.
Rex approves of the mulch I put down under the tree where I have my reading spot.
Big Bear got his garden tilled with his "new" tiller. What a great yard sale score!
Looking at this - I need to add "clean back door" to the list! ha! This is Stella checking to see if I've turned off the water hose. Can't keep her out of the water at the lake, but she HATES the water hose???
Deck cleaned up and ready for spring and summer! I just need an umbrella for my table....
My two yard sale chairs, new cushions, and a wedding gift from my class when I got married. I'm going to drill drain holes in the bottom and make it a flowerpot. (next project...)
Flowerbed beside the deck all weeded and mulched:
Garden tilled and ready for planting!!
My favorite flowerbed. The pond flowerbed on the other side of the deck. When the blooms start, it is really gorgeous!!
Buckets of plants to give away from the flowerbed I am downsizing. Love sharing plants!
My new bird feeder!! Today's treasure!
Chillin' from two days out in the yard with mom & dad working. :)
The flowerbed along the fence that is getting downsized. It will really shine when the blooms start. But I've got it all cleaned out, some plants moved and mulched. Yay!
All in all, a busy weekend, but the kind I love because I was outside at home in my flowerbeds with my pups and Big Bear. Bliss!

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